Labour motion defeated

So surprise surprise the Labour Party motion was defeated. I have to say that some of the arguments used against it were so spurious as to call the integrity of those making those arguments into question. The decision of Fine Gael to abstain was strange to say the least. Their main argument seems to be that the bill was flawed. This comes straight from the rear end of a bull. There seems to be a new breed of neo-con in the Fine Gael party that looks for free trade in everything. It throws a new light onto all the promises of support from FG TDs who had been talking to pharmacists all over the country.

You were called up to the mark and you were found wanting!

Apart from that there seemed to be a lot of conciliatory talk so all may not be so bad. I think that a lot of FF TDs are embarrassed by the antics of the HSE and just want it reined in. If this translates to action further down the road remains to be seen.

Labour party motion back on the agenda

The Labour Party has again tabled its bill to amend the Competition Act.  it is to be discussed in private members time next Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th.  The way things go it is likely that the Government will vote this down.  This is not because they don’t agree with it but just because somebody else is doing it.  It might be a bit better if they concentrated on running the country properly and not just saving face.

I intend to be there myself on Wednesday evening.  This is important not just for pharmacy but for all the other professions.  The Competition Act was designed to stop monopoly suppliers abusing a dominant market position.  It is now being used by dominant purchasers to abuse their position by refusing to negotiate on the basis that it might be anti-competitive.