Haven’t we seen this Deja Vu before?

Apologies to John Barry I owe him a big copy right cheque at some stage.

So March 1st is the new December 1st. We all send the HSE the same letter as before with the variation this time of telling them where they can put their new contract. I’ve cannibalised parts of John letter for my own variation.

Re: Interim Pharmacy Contract.

Dear Pat,

I am returning the copy of the Interim Pharmacy Contract that you have sent.

With all due respects this is the third letter I have sent you without any specific response from you or your office. You seem to have ignored my previous correspondence. I want you to discuss all these matters with my appointed representative, the IPU. All pay elements should be dealt with by the body that the Minister for Health proposes to set up to adjudicate fairly on remuneration. Changes in the structure of payments need to be negotiated with my representative, the IPU.

Your continued refusal to direct these matters to my appointed representative, the IPU at this stage amounts to extreme rudeness and now borders on harassment. I wish to reiterate that I deem the reimbursement rate as set out in the letter of September 17th and 2nd January to be a breach of your contract with Jordan’s Pharmacy Ltd. and have duly instructed my solicitor on these matters.

Yours cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated,.

I can’t help but wonder if I had appointed a solicitor as my representative (which would be my right if I choose) would the HSE still ignore my directions and send this stuff to me? Would they do the same to a HSE employee who wished to have somebody from IMPACT represent them?

The HSE went ahead with this even after Mary Harney announced the setting up of an independent body to set renumeration rates for health care professionals. Also a date has been set in the Commercial Division of the High Court to hear the cases already listed. It seems that they want to try present the courts with a fait accompli. At this stage it looks like the politicians are unwilling or unable to put manners on the HSE so it looks like that it will be left to the courts.

It looks like it is time to put the posters back up and start handing out the leaflets again. The medical card system is back under threat, who out there will stand up to protect the weakest in our community.


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