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A bit strong but here it is for what it is worth.

Time to drop methadone

I only got my April summary sheet for Methadone a few days ago. On checking it I found that all the ingredient costs were minus 8.2%. So much for fatty Harneys promise that non-discounted items would not be reduced by the 8.2%. We can add it to the long list of broken promises. Apparently the review of the Methadone scheme promised on 30th April has not started yet either.
As it is I have lost 6 methadone clients since May 1st. 4 were sent to other pharmacies when I notified the HSE that I intended pulling out of Methadone on May 1st. Actually all 10 were to be moved but 6 had not been told where they were to go (did anybody actually know). Two more I did not want back anyway and two I have not heard of since. two more have left due to natural attrition in the mean time so now I am down to 4.I do not intend to take on any more. I will see these 4 out as long as they stay on the street.

As was said last March and April the time has come to let the Methadone scheme wither on the vine. Nobody should take on any new clients, let the current ones run their course. I don’t think there should be any PR announcement, just a slow drip feed of extinction. If the HSE are serious about this let them keep their promises otherwise they can go fuck themselves. We ran it for them on the cheap and now they won’t even pay that cheap price.

Let Unicare and Boots have all the methadone scheme, they are welcome to it. We can have some peace and quiet and they can have the junkies.

Hey Mary, show us what you got!

So SWMBO Harney has the Dorgan report.  She said so in the Dáil this morning and a politician wouldn’t tell a lie, would they?  So when is she going to publish it?  The terse one line answer in the Dáil would seem to indicate that she doesn’t like the contents.  If it said what she and Prof Dum Dum wanted to hear they would have been leaking to the press tout suite.  We all know the costs involved with dispensing and now an independent report is saying the same.

So what now?  It looks as if she is going to try bury it along side the Indecon report.  Hopefully the Dáil will rise for the summer and the silly season will take over.   It won’t work this time Mary.

Meanwhile the High court rumbles on.  The Hickey case is up on July 22nd and it’s decision will be last word for now.  Until the Supreme Court that it.