And now for something completely different……..

I was going through my Monty Python box set last night. I came across this sketch which I hadn’t seen in years.

It struck me that this is probably the type of community pharmacy that Mary Harney would like. Crap impersonal service, lick stick, count and pour and run by a British Multinational.

Now where did I put that bottle of lotion for the pox?

No speaky da inglish

They are calling for EU pharmacists to able to show a basic profiency in English in the UK. Link here

When are we going to have it here. The silence from Shrewsbury Road is deafening.
The next step as afar as I’m concerned is making sure that they know Irish Pharmacy Law. That means they should have to sit a forensic exam. Will it happen in my life time? Probably not.

Phone number on GMS scripts

Wouldn’t it be nice if the GMS/PCRS/HSE insisted that docs put a contact phone number on GMS prescriptions?
This little rant comes about as last week we had what turned out to be a forged script. The doctor and patient were from outside of our area, not very suspicious in itself but the script was for two benzos. I decided to phone the doctor but I could find no number for him in the phone book or golden pages. I then rang a pharmacy near his practice but they were closed for lunch, (lucky bastards). At this stage it was too late. Without proof that it was bogus we had to return it to the now getting slightly more aggressive addict.
Eventually by round about means we got a number for the doc who confirmed that he had some scripts stolen and that he had not written this.
Now their number appears on private scripts so why not on GMS?

End rant mode.