To dispense or not to dispense, that is the question.

I have often been faced with the dilemma of a prescription which I suspect to be forged but I cannot confirm it or there is some critical issue which needs to be resolved before I can dispense it. The prescriber is not contactable. Either it is the week end or late in the evening. Sometimes it is just Wednesday afternoon and all there is a recorded message with the phone number for Dub Doc or Contractors.
If it is bogus I want them arrested and the script out of circulation. But if it is genuine I might be denying somebody medicine that they need. I will leave aside the question of inappropriate prescribing for the time being.
There is a discussion on this point on It is US based where a lot of this has been legislated for but many of the points are valid for all countries.
My usual response to to say to patient that I cannot dispense until I have contacted the doctor to verify it. Or that I don’t have any in stock and won’t have them until the following morning, by which time I should be able to contact the doctor. This is not fully satisfactory for me but until doctors are contactable for the hours that pharmacies are open it will remain so.

The future is coming to a pharmacy near you!

I’ve been taking some time to read some older posts on a few of favourite other blogs. I came across this one and wondered how long before this comes about in Ireland. Woe betide you if you have a bladder or kidney infection or a dose of the runs.
The best hope is that your immediate supervisor/manager is of a different gender so that they cannot follow you into the loo.

Employee pharmacists, you have been warned.

A disturbing case in the UK

The gestapo in Shrewsbury Road haven’t got this bad yet but it is still a sad case nonetheless. The attitude of the patients family saddens me. A mistake was made. It was admitted to and the pathologist determined that their mothers death was not related to the mistake. Still they want a pound of flesh.
If this is left to stand then I long for the day when judges and barristers are jailed for their part in any miscarriages of justice or politicians are jailed for any mistakes that they make while in office.

A campaign and petition has been started to try and change this law. If you are any way interested in pharmacy then please have a read.