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Don’t mention the war!

Here is November’s article in the Irish Pharmacist

It ended up being put straight after an article of an interview with Paul Gallagher about how wonderful the new M.Pharm. is. The placement of the two articles was not intentional. They just ended up that way. (Don’t worry June I believe you!)

Watch out for flying pigs!

I’ve just been listening on the radio to pigs ear that the HSE are making out of swine flu vaccination. The crux of the story for me is on one side you have part of the HSE struggling to deal with a pandemic. Across the corridor you have the gang of level seven managers plotting to overthrow the world. Well OK not quite planning to overthrow the world but at least the HSE. At a time when due to the short time span actions have to be taken before all the requisite paperwork is done some things have to be done on trust. But the real problem for the HSE is that they have used up their bag of trust with everybody. And it is the administrators who have blown all this trust.
Again this morning the HSE were stating that they could not talk to the IMO on price issues because of competition law. It is the same argument that they used with pharmacists, opticians etc etc etc. This despite the opinion from the European Commission that because the government has the final say on any price that these type of negotiations DO NOT BREAK competition law.

It is the same type of incompetence and absence of trust that was present with the HSE’s handling of Tamiflu. It was to be delivered free of charge to pharmacists who were to dispense it free of charge to patients. The HSE said “trust us, we’ll put in place a fair scheme of payments.” Except that the Tamiflu did not arrive. Many pharmacists bought a supply of Tamiflu so that they would have some in stock when the prescriptions started. Eventually the HSE stock arrived, twice in my case, and now these pharmacists are left with stock that they will never dispense. And then last week the HSE came up with their payment scheme. They would pay a €5 fee for medical card holders and those with a Long Term Illness card and those who had paid €100 on their DPS card. Everybody else pharmacists were supposed to charge. Not for the Tamiflu itself but the dispensing fee. No mention of what we are supposed to do with all the patients that we have dispensed to free for the last two months. It looks to me as if nobody had actually thought this through. All this on it own would be bad enough if not for the incompetence of the Tamiflu distribution. Now my getting two deliveries in the initial rush could be understood if I did not receive a third supply last week. Now I did not look for any more, my two initial supplies are sufficient. So now I am holding on behalf of the HSE over €1,000 worth of Tamiflu. If this is repeated across the country then Irish pharmacists are holding over €2 millions worth of Tamiflu. Not to think of the stock bought and paid for by the pharmacists themselves.
The ones I feel for are those who are dealing with one of the biggest health threats probably since TB was a scourge. But to back them up you have a bunch of clowns that even Duffy’s Circus would turn down.
As for myself and many other pharmacists I doubt that we will be taking on any more HSE “schemes” until we have every last detail in writing. But to to this they will need to talk to the IPU who are my appointed representative in these matters.

And when will this happen?

When pigs fly!

Lets just hope that we don’t get swine flu mark 2.