It’s gonna be one of those days!

I’ve just had a conservation with a hospital doctor. I had to explain to him that if he writes a prescription generically then I will dispense a generic especially if the HSE/PCRS is the paymaster involved. “If you don’t give her the brand then I might have to tell her to go to another chemist (sic)” It is times like these that my deep breathing exercises come in useful. I should explain that I was asked by the community nurse to take on this patient and dispense weekly to them because of other problems that they were having.

So for future reference if you want your patient to have a particular brand, then write it. Please don’t threaten me or I might just tell you when to store your prescription pad.

Products reduced by 40 per cent – Feb 2010

The HSE has posted a list of products to be reduced on 1st Feb next. It is posted here. You have to scroll right to the bottom of the page. The PDF is 11 pages however it is numbered “Page 1 of 22” down to “page 11 of 22”. So where is the missing 11 pages. I have emailed them this morning about this but so far no reply. I’ll save any ranting until I get a reply (if any!)

The list does not have any real surprises. The only real surprise is what is not there. Probably part of the missing 11 pages. Certainly based on the 11 pages listed there will be no where near the amount of savings that the HSE predicted.

Draft Guidelines for Codeine Containing Medicines

Only two days to go before the end of the consultation period for the above named draft guidelines. Let the PSI know what pharmacists in the real world feel should be the guidelines rather than some office mandarin. That last statement might be a bit unfair to some of those who are involved in the drafting of the guidelines but HEY it got your attention.

So read the document and email your submission to Go on you know that you want to.