It’s nice to make a difference

As the title says it’s nice to make a difference.

I had a customer in this morning. She was looking for a hard to get medicine for her son. She had already tried several pharmacies. She started with her regular pharmacy, part of an Irish owned chain. They were not willing to order it in.
One quick phone call and I was OK to dispense it. I already had some in stock as I already have somebody on this med. It may not work for her son but she was delighted to get it. At least they can try.
She was telling me that when she calls into this pharmacy she could be dealing with any one of six pharmacists. She just wanted to see the same face more than once. It is because if this that I’m confident that there is a place there for independent owner operated pharmacy in Ireland.

SWMBO Harney and Prof Dumb Dumb may like the shoemakers and krauts cash & wrap but the Irish patients know proper service when they see it. This should not be taken as a slur on the pharmacists, Irish and otherwise who work for the shoemakers or the krauts. Rather it is a slur on the type of pharmacy that the two above named villains would like to see. They have already said that they want to see 600 pharmacies closed down and you can bet that they are not talking about the foreign owned chains.

Reduction in prescription prices

SWMBO Harney is making a big deal over the reductions in some off patent brand name drugs. It is interesting to note that the equivalent generics are not being reduced for now. The following quotes all come from

They sum up much of the spin being put out by the HSE.

The HSE is saving loads of money (by paying pharmacists less) and yet it is charging DPS patients MORE (20% increase lately, and significant previous increases over the past couple of years).
Pharmacists on the other hand, despite having their margins slashed, are charging DPS patients just what they always did – no increase at all.

So after years of screwing the Irish public she is now their saviour!

Minister Harney would never divert precious state resources for her own use.

Unless you mean this: Harney’s six-day ‘Super Bowl’ trip costs taxpayer €190,000?

or this: Harney, the FAS trip and the $410 hairdo?

or maybe this: Harney wings clipped?

or could it be this: Harney’s husband signed off on Molloy’s expenses?

which all basically add up to this: Hail Mary, full of disgrace.

Sainthood anybody?

A cozy relationship between Govt and IPHA is no longer even barely disguised.
IPHA have taken a bunch of off-patent drugs which were largely in decline and sold the Government (and the Irish People) a pup. They could easilly have reduced the cost price of medicines across the full range……………
……………….This pricing structure has been known for some time, yet the details have been supplied to the IPU too late to produce an accurate monthly update so that these decreases could be passed on immediately to the public.

The IPHA must have a great set of negatives on Harney going by the amount of crap that she lets them get away with.

# The govt AGREED the high prices in the first place. See how much profit-taking they previously allowed, when a 40% cut is possible. Pharmacists have NO CONTROL over high manufacturer prices.
# Pharmacists will be passing on the 40% manufacturer’s cut in their prices, so patients’ costs will decrease. (And HSE inefficiency in supplying notice of these reductions means this may be delayed.)
# Pharmacists are not charging any more to patients than previously; they’re simply not reducing their markup. They can’t afford to because:
– Margin has been reduced by the govt;
– Turnover has been reduced (with IPHA reductions).
(Analogy – Company has one major client to whom they give a discount. However, most other clients (who individually give them less business) pay the standard price. Nobody complains about this. Why should it be any different for pharmacy? 50% markup price is standard, but HSE because of their clout, have secured themselves a discounted price.)
# The govt complains about cartels, but is trying to force pharmacists to charge the same price. Why should pharmacists not charge what they please to private patients and let the market decide? Patients are free to choose a pharmacy. (Analogy – people don’t expect M&S and ALDI to charge the same prices.)

It’s time for the media in Ireland to grow a pair and stop just re-printing HSE PR handouts.