Will the HSE never learn?

Following yesterdays industrial action the HSE has sent a letter to it’s staff. I have to wonder what they hope to achieve by this other than pissing off everybody.
It seems to me that they had two options. Take action, either docking pay or issuing formal warnings or as this is a civil service wide action take the same action as the every other civil service department. But no, they had to go and start threatening and bullying. Their justification

The HSE says the effect of the work-to-rule on patient care has not been significant to date, but claims that the situation will deteriorate if it continues.

Since when did they start caring about patients? They could probably run a great health service if it wasn’t for all those pesky patients and staff. They would probably be happier in a dictatorship where everybody just does what the HSE wants. I wonder where they might have got that attitude?

A couple of things

A couple of things came to my notice over the last couple of days. This article in yesterdays Irish Times was one. I had heard stories of Irish people going to Spain for their prescriptions. Buy a Ryanair ticket to to Costa Cheap Booze & Drugs, get 3 or 6 months supply of your prescription and fly back. The cost of the ticket and any accommodation is made up in the savings on the drugs. If your prescription is written properly and generically there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But this article lists some of the mistakes that have been made and similar ones are always likely. Just be careful out there people!

The other was the cock crowing of the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association were having a song and dance about how they reduced (they were forced) the price of less than 300 medicines. These are all off patent and have generics available. Therefore they are all products in decline. There was nothing about the 1,000’s of other medicines that are amongst the dearest in Europe. I came across a web site which compared the UK and Irish prices, using the NHS’s and HSE’s own website. The last line sums it all up

A 10% reduction in patent drugs could save nearly triple the amount that a 40% reduction in off patent medicines gives.