Harneys vision for the Irish Healthcare System

I picked this up from an American website. It is not a pharmacy related site just one of the site members recounting the type of day that she just had. I have no doubt that this is the kind of healthcare system that Harney espouses. The sooner that she is gone from office the better.

XXXX told me last night that she is out of her prescription pain pills. I know she’s also almost out of her Aricept for her memory. She’s in agony. She was getting by with free samples from the doctor, but those meds are going generic so they aren’t even making samples anymore. The generics cost more than she makes in a month. Meanwhile, the hospital STILL hasn’t approved her for charity care so she keeps getting bills. No doctor wants to say that she is disabled so she can get
medicaid/disability. She has no insurance and can’t get any. I can’t pay for her medical bills either. Her credit is totally shot.

At last, some direct action!

It may not be of the same order as the French Riots but at least one person is prepared to take some direct action against the government. And it is probably significant that it is against the Minister for Health, the sole remaining TD of a party whose policies have been so solidly rejected by the Irish people.

If the Guardaí are daft enough to take her assailant to court then I will start a fund here to help pay her costs and any fine imposed.