Just another follow up to RevUp4DSI

Just another follow up to my post about RevUp4DSI

DSI have released a short clip showing what it is all in aid of.


Just to add that Marc who is heading to Gambia on a gapper is now near the border with Western Sahara. He’s been unable to update the blog owing to a near total lack of connectivity. The team are still together, and all OK. Updates will be added as time and connectivity allows.

Just a quick follow up

Just a quick follow up to my previous post in relation to party policies. FG and Dr Reilly issued a rebuttal via the IPU. They deny some claims that I never even made, but that’s an aside.

The Fine Gael deputy Leader and spokesman on Health and Children Dr James Reilly, in response to claims made on a website about Fine Gael policy on primary care and pharmacist involvement in same requested that the IPU bring his response to the attention of pharmacists.

“This is utter fantasy. Firstly, Fine Gael has never said that only professionals involved in Primary Care Centres will be contracted to provide services on behalf of the State. Fine Gael has never stated that we would build 850 – 875 Primary Care Centres. Finally, Fine Gael has never said how many pharmacists would be in a Primary Care Centre. This is utter fiction and the motivation behind these claims must be questioned. For the record, there has never been any assertion by Fine Gael that State contracts are only issued to pharmacists involved in Primary Care Centres or that the right of pharmacists to act independently be interfered with. These claims are absolutely false.” Fine Gael, Campaign 2011.

I’m happy to post it here. All they had to do was contact me directly. So now the bould Dr Reilly is the new Mary Harney and I guess we’ll get to see his policies fairly quickly. I honestly wish him well for all our sakes. I hope that he doesn’t give me as much material to write about as his predecessor. Or will “Angola” claim another victim?

Another charity bike ride.

Last week I posted about my plans to complete Revup4DSI next May. However this 3 day ride out pales into insignificance when viewed alongside my friend Marc O’Loideoin. He and some mates are taking 8 Honda 90’s (aka Gappers) to Gambia in west Africa. As I type they should be somewhere in the south of Spain or they may have even have crossed over to north Africa.

You can read all about it in his own blog here. (Registration may be required. Don’t worry the site is hosted by MAG Ireland who are good guys.) If you get the urge to donate something then please do. I’m already looking forward to the tales when he returns.