IPU’s DVD of Panel Discussion

I have just finished watching the DVD of the panel discussion that was held on Sunday 8th May at the IPU’s AGM. It was riveting stuff. I really wanted to be there for it but my accident with my motorbike the previous week meant that I was unable to travel.

Hopefully it marks the end of the lowest point in relations between pharmacists and the HSE/PCRS. It certainly looks as if the PCRS have targets to keep but now are at least willing to talk to the IPU to find the best way through.

The latest bad news is all the pharmacies in examination or liquidation. They are being kept open at present by creditors but the pharmacist owners are being left high and dry. It looks like that the sale of these pharmacies will facilitate the chains who can now buy these cheap. And without the loan overhead they can run them at a profit. Another hob nailed boot screwed in the face of independent pharmacy.

How is your professional role valued?

I picked this up from another forum.

Accounts recently filed by Euro General Retail Ltd show revenues of €48 million in the 12 months to the end of May 10th last year – a drop of 4.5 per cent on 2009. However, gross profit margin increased by seven percentage points to 35 per cent

So a huckster shop selling all kinds of cheap tat, with zero training or regulation and negligible customer service, can have an average mark-up of nearly 54% and that’s OK; but, according to the Harneys and Hobbits of this world, a heavily regulated and highly trained professional pharmacist, up to his/her eyes with ethical obligations and legal requirements, should make do with less than half that. Go figure.

I await the FEMPI style regulations for pound shop style outlets. It should be along any day soon.

Revup4DSI May Bank Holiday weekend

Well I took part as planned and boy was it more eventful than expected. We started at Joe Duffy Motors in Finglas. I arrived just after 9:30 and joined with Pete Trevaskis and his wife as well as another biker called Ted. We got our route and set off. After 240 miles and a ride on a river ferry we ended up in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork. It was a great day all round.

Sunday morning looked rainy. But the rain stopped before we set off and the day got sunnier as it went on. I was having a lovely spin up to about 2:30 when I came off. Pete has a good report here on what happened. I have to say he was probably in a better position to report on what happened than me.

Suffice to say I got my very own ambulance ride and first class service from Cork University Hospital A&E. Long story short, nothing broke and all essentail systems still functioning despite the abuse they were subject to. I’m stiff and sore and on painkillers but glad to be still upright and basically in one piece.

I got a ride back on Monday with the luggage van and my bike is still in the workshop and I’m waiting for it’s diagnosis. I hope that it’s not too serious but I have a feeling that this is a vain hope.

I would like to thank on my own and DSI’s behalf all those who contributed and all who asked after me and wished me well. I just hope that I am in a position to do it completely next year.