Septembers article in IP

Well summers over and it’s back to work for those of us to be still in business.

Here is my latest contribution. You can down load the full issue here.

I might have been a little tough on the hairy faced minister but it reflects how I was feeling when I sat down to write the piece. His recent announcement that he was lifting the restrictions on GP’s GMS contracts has ruffled a few feathers with his (ex)mates. I have a feeling that the drive to save money and cut costs over the next few years might overcome the out pourings of the Competition Authority.

I still think that all the ministers should be doing their bit to help Irish owned businesses. I know that to one extent we are financially beholded to the great European ideal buts lets look after our own first. One start would be for all Irish owned independents to put a simple sign/poster in their window

“Support Irish Owned Independent Pharmacy”.

I wonder if any of the Irish owned generic companies might like to sponsor the printing of same. That’s if there are any Irish owned generic companies left!
I think that some of the public may be a little surprised to see which of their “local” pharmacies might be unable to display such a poster.

So until the next time…….