€50 Tax On Medical Cards

So our latest Minister for Health is now proposing a €50 tax on all medical cards and to increase the charge per item to €2. No mention is made about how this will be collected from patients who are already probably out of the tax net and who have medical cards on the grounds of reduced incomes. I personally suspect that this is a bit of a kite flying exercise and at the last minute he’ll pull some other “cost saving” measure out of the hat. However I thought that I might suggest a way for him to save the same amount but not hitting the poorest the hardest.
How about he reduces the payment to GPs by €1 per week for every medical card patient on their books. They are already paid by way of capitation every month so it can be easily implemented. This would still be a good deal less that the reductions in payments to pharmacists.

I think that I will now just go and sit in a darkened room and watch the flying pigs.