Homeopathy, should we be stocking it at all?

I’ve never been a fan of homeopathy or any other snake oil type medicines. I saw a report on Consumer Health Digest that Boots had to remove advertising for homeopathic products

British pharmacy chain withdraws homeopathic claims from shelves.

Boots, a major UK pharmacy chain, has stopped displaying information about the purposes of the homeopathic products they sell. The action was taken after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) upheld a complaint that Boots’s point-of-sale advertising contained prohibited information. This advertising, found in many stores, consisted of a book of flip cards that listed indications, symptoms, and homeopathic products. The MHRA ruled that the products were not licensed with indications because the MHRA’s Simplified Rules Scheme for homeopathic products prohibits stating the purposes for which they can be used. [Boots told to stop making medical claims for pills with no active ingredient. The Nightingale Collaboration Web Site, December 2011] http://www.nightingale-collaboration.org/news/107-boots-told-to-stop-making-medical-claims-for-pills-with-no-active-ingredient.html The MHRA’s proposed policy document, Homeopathic medicines: Guidance for advertising, is posted at http://www.homeowatch.org/reg/mhra.pdf

This brought me to this blog post recently which is very much in accordance with my thoughts.

See what you think.