Survey about GMS levy/charge

This survey just published looks at the effect of the 50c levy/charge on GMS patients. It is a bit out of date now that the levy has been increased to €1.50 but a lot of it is still relevant.
While 50c was very much designed as a notional or symbolic charge and when it was increased to €1.50 it took on the nature of a consumption deterrent. As another pharmacist put it what are the chances of the prescription levy becoming a revenue stream for the Government/Department of Health and possibly being increased with each budget rather than a notional charge.
And remember all this from a Minister who said before the election that the 50c charge was wrong and should be abolished.

BTW if you are waiting for the January article in IP to go up on-line it will be a few more days. I have been up to my tits since the start of January. If you really can’t wait then go to here to download the full issue.

It’s nice to be trusted

This is from an American survey, I am guessing that it would translate to Ireland fairly well.

Nurses top “most trusted” poll.

A recent Gallup Poll in which participants were asked to rate the honesty and ethical standards of various professions found that nurses have the most “very high” or “high ” ratings (85%), followed by pharmacists (75%), medical doctors (70%), dentists (62%), psychiatrists (41%), and chiropractors (38%). Journalists (38%), lawyers (19%), and members of Congress (10%), were among the lowest. [Congress retains low honesty rating. Gallup Politics Web site, Dec 3, 2012]