Pre-reg places

I’ve been told many times before that I’m mad. I think that today I may have proved it.
I had a qualified technician offer to work for me for free for one year. And I turned them down.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post the person concerned had qualified as a technician and then studied pharmacy as a mature student. I have written previously that there would seem to be a shortage of pre-reg places and about how the intern year looks like becoming an unpaid one. Well it may not be official but it now looks like that this is the case.

The reasons in the previous post still hold but there seems to be more to it now. Firstly there is the added time paperwork involved on the tutors part. Also there is the added expense for the tutor of a days locum while they attend the tutor course. And for future years it now looks like the year will be split into at least two separate periods which in turn will be even more disruptive for the pharmacy.

While there many be other pharmacists out there who would merrily take on an intern for no pay I couldn’t do it in all conscience.