The Book

Now available from your local pharmacy wholesaler. i.e. that means Uniphar & United Drug folks.

THE BOOK, a Pharmacy Business Management textbook by Michael Tierney. Currently it has been nominated for the Booker, Turner and Nobel Prize for Literature.

OK so I made the last bit up, but it got your attention.

Most importantly…..

30 euros goes to the Benevolent fund which helps pharmacists and their families who have hit hard times.

20 euros goes to the Jack Kavanagh fund. Jack Kavanagh is the son of a pharmacist and is a pharmacy student. He broke his neck in an accident and wants to complete his pharmacy studies. This is one way of helping to raise the funds to help Jack.

This is the first Irish Pharmacy management handbook since Fionan Harty wrote “The Efficient Pharmacy” in 1980.

The “Pharmacy Business Management textbook” has everything you need to make your pharmacy business more profitable.The book is written in understandable English and is divided into 15 chapters.

Understanding the Pharmacy set-up.
Understanding employment law.
Job descriptions.

Measurement and Benchmarking.(KPIs)
Basic Book-keeping.
Cash Flow.

Purchasing in the pharmacy.
Selling in the pharmacy.
Pharmacy expenses.

Legal and regulatory.
and more.

There is something for every pharmacist in this book particularly the owner pharmacist or manager pharmacist.The book will be extremely useful to newly qualified pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians and to pharmacy spouses who have an interest in pharmacy survival.

The book is retailing for €50.

The fifty euros can also be claimed as an expense.
So you will be helping 2 charities.
You will be helping yourself by improving your business acumen.
You can claim the book as an expense.

The printing of the book has been sponsored by TEVA pharmaceuticals.
The book is written by Michael himself and he is not receiving any payment whatsoever for this book.
His motive for writing the book is simply to improve business efficiency in Irish pharmacies.
He has been a community pharmacist for well over 30 years. He has a diploma in pharmacy management. He is on the VAT committee of the IPU. He is on the business steering group of the IPU and he is on the CPC committee of the IPU. In addition he is a recent member of Indepharm.

They are printing 2,000 copies of this book and I’m sure that he would appreciate all the help that he can get in supporting the sale of this book.
He would also appreciate any constructive suggestions for the next edition.