Electronic cigarettes. Looks like I may have been wrong

I posted some time ago that I thought that the PSI were wrong to say that we should not stock the electronic cigs. In the light of this and other reports it seems that they may have had the right idea but for the wrong reasons.
Mea culpa, mea cupla, mea a corpra cupla.

Most of the companies making them are owned by big cigarette manufacturers. And you know that we can trust them. They are looking to replace their dying market for cigarettes with many new generations of e-cigarette addicts. And if you cannot ban them how about taxing them like cigarettes? A whole new source of money to be put into James Reilly’s constituency.

The future is here

This blog piece comes from JayPee who is listed on the side of the page. It is about how the AMA (American Medical Association), their equivalent of the IMO are trying to block attempts to widen the pharmacists role. For the moment the GMS won’t pay for these things here so for now they are not going to happen to any great extent. But the time will come when the GMS will start to see the value inherent in them and will want to bring them in. Then will we see the IMO kicking up?

I’ll be posting my Irish Pharmacist pieces soon. Just been up to my tonsils lately.