Diazepam 5mg

Due to the recent on going shortage of Diazepam 5mg I emailed the HPRA and the Dept of Health on the 30th September asking them if they had any comment.

I got some fairly stock replies. From the HPRA almost immediately

“Can you please send us the PA numbers for these products”

And from the Dept of Health on 7th October

“The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) has checked with the three companies supplying the majority of Diazepam tablets to the Irish market and have advised on the current supply situation as follows:


Roche Stocks of Valium 5mg tablets are low at present (2 – 3 weeks supply at the Irish distributor). The company is arranging for further stock to be imported with about a four week lead time. Therefore, depending on stocks already at pharmacy level, there could be a shortage for about one week towards the end of October.


Actavis (Diazepam Actavis 2mg, 5mg, 10mg): There is no shortage of this product at any strength. The company has confirmed that there is apparently plenty of stock at its primary distributor (Allphar).

Clonmel (Anxicalm 2mg, 5mg, 10mg): The 5mg presentation was out of stock from late August and became available again during the last week of September. The 2mg and 10mg strengths have been available throughout. I trust this clarifies the matter for you.”

That night Anxicalm 5mg became available again. The big delay? A change of packaging it would seem.


This morning I received a letter from Allphar, agents for Valium stating that they were experiencing a shortfall and that they will be experiencing a shortfall until mid-late November.


I checked with Uniphar and United Drug this afternoon. Both Valium 5mg and Diazepam Activis 5mg are both out of stock with both wholesalers.


Somewhere along the line somebody is telling porkies. Answers on a post card please.