All those pen pushers and not a spare table in sight.

I asked the PSI for a table to facilitate note taking at the public session and for copies of some of the documents to be discussed.  It seems that they don’t even have a spare table or desk lying around the palace that is Fenian St.  You would think that with €12M in reserve they could put somebody into a taxi, send them up to IKEA and get one.  I’d even bring my own tools and assemble it for them.

Arising from this I have asked for the note below to be circulated to all members of council in advance of tomorrow’s meeting.  Anybody rate my chances?

To the members of the Council of the PSI

27th January 2015

Yesterday in an email I requested that a table or bench would be made available to facilitate note taking. Today I received your reply informing me “we have no suitable tables/desks for public attendees for this purpose. ” This to me beggars belief that the PSI does not have a suitable table or desk in it’s possession.

I also requested a copy of the PSI Corporate Procurement Plan 2014-2017 which is being tabled for information. This plan is a matter of public policy and to my mind there is no reason why it should be kept secret.

Similarly I asked for a copy of the Draft Minutes of Public Council meeting No. 62 and the Draft Rules submitted to Council at its 16 December 2014 Meeting. I did this so that I might better follow the discussion (if there is any) at Thursday’s meeting. I am well aware that these are draft versions and may well be subject to change however I cannot see any reason why they should be shrouded in secrecy. All the more so when the final versions will be public knowledge.

What is the point of having a public session when documents that are tabled are only available to Council members? Where is the openness and accountability when the PSI can only facilitate the taking of notes by persons in the employ of the PSI?

David Jordan


Dear Mr Jordan,

Thank you for your notification that you wish to attend Public Council Meeting No. 63.

While I note your request that a table be made available, I regret that we have no suitable tables/desks for public attendees for this purpose.

Following the last Council meeting a copy of the draft Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Council)(Amendment)Rules 2015 (adopted in principle by the Council) was placed on the website along with notification of public consultation which ran from 18th December to 16th January. See:

In general, I am not in a position to provide documents prior to their being tabled at the relevant meeting. This includes minutes before their approval by Council. In the interest of transparency, the PSI aims to make as much information accessible as possible, where it is suitable to do so. Documents approved by Council will be made available as appropriate on the website subsequent to the Council meeting.

Kind Regards

From: David

Sent: 26 January 2015 21:20
To: The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Subject: Council Meeting 29th Jan

I intend to attend the public session.
I would like to formally ask for a table or bench to be made available to facilitate note taking.
In order that I may follow the discussion better can you please send me a copy of

  • Draft Minutes of Public Council meeting No. 62
  • Draft Rules submitted to Council at its 16 December 2014 Meeting
  • PSI Corporate Procurement Plan 2014-2017

Thank you

PSI Change Time of Public Meeting

The PSI have changed the time of the public session of next Thursday’s Council meeting with less than a weeks notice.

Just as well I checked this morning.  Why the sudden change?  It’s a pretty bland agenda.

The whole point of a public session is so that they are seen to be accountable. It’s a bit of a joke as none of the public get to see any of the documents being discussed.   The way that they have acted in this instance is regrettable to say the least.