When is stock returnable to the wholesalers?

We’ve all had the letters from the HSE asking us to return our unused High Tech stock to the wholesalers.  Never mind all the extra paperwork that they want all this comes at a time when all of us are scrambling to sort out stock levels ahead of the price reduction on the back of the HSE/IPHA agreement.  But then as pointed out on another pharmacy forum all of this stock, while still in date has been delivered by the wholesalers more than 10 days ago.  This is the cut off after which we are not allowed to return any stock for credit.  So it seems we have one law for the HSE and one for the rest of us poor suckers.

It’s time for the left hand to start talking to the right hand.  If it’s good enough for the HSE then it’s good enough for the rest of us.  And remember this High Tech stock is not being returned for any magical transformation.  It’s going to be used on other sick patients.

So I say let’s not return any of the surplus High Techs until we can also return our regular surplus stock.  And let’s get paid for what we do.  If the HSE want us to spend time digging up old paperwork on these then they should bloody well pay us for our time.  If they want to know how much to pay me then they should sit down with the IPU.  That’s who I pay to represent me in these matters.