PSI Council behaving like a child

Yesterdays events at the public session of the PSI Council had the Council behaving like a badly behaved child running around with their hands over their ears going “Nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you!”  We have been waiting for many years now for a statement from the Council on the issue of temporary absence.  They continually fail to engage meaningfully with the Assistants Association.  They will not respond to the Assistants in relation to the senior counsels opinion on the matter, probably because they do not like it.  Sadly for them they do not make the law.  They are not even responsible for interpreting it.  So in the meantime they continue in their attempts to bully employers and assistants into following their “guidelines”.

There was a real hope that a new Registrar from outside the world of pharmacy could bring about some changes but it seems that he too has been sucked in by the quango that is the PSI executive.

The public sessions of the Council are little more than a showpiece event in a hopeless attempt to give the impression of any openness.  In reality the secrecy around this set pieces makes a mockery of openness and accountability.  It is impossible to get a copy of reports from sub-committees or even the minutes of the previous Council meeting.  Members of the public are made to sit in a corner of without a proper view of the room.  They are unwilling even to provide a table to assist in the keeping of notes.  I have no doubt they they would just love it if they could do away with the whole notion of a public session and carry on all of their business behind closed doors away from any accountability.

So to me it was no surprise that matters blew over when they refused to accept any contribution from the floor yesterday.  The Assistants Association have heard nothing back despite numerous phone calls and emails.  As I have experienced many time it has needed a second follow up just to get an acknowledgment of the original.

Just like another organisation the Assistants have not gone away you know.  They will be back for the next Council meeting and the next and the next.  And the PSI will have better get used to that!