New regulations re handwriting benzo and Z drug scripts

It now looks like that from May 4th there will be new regulations in relation to having prescriptions for benzos and the Z drugs handwritten by the GP.   The GP’s know nothing of this and will most likely continue on their merry ways.

I picked up the following from another pharmacy forum.

“Someone has to shout STOP , ENOUGH!!
We are being forced now on a daily basis to break the law in order to provide decent pharmaceutical care for citizens of this country.
It is wrong of the system to place pharmacists in this position. It is not feasible to refuse to dispense a hospital prescription for e.g. diazepam to a patient on the verge of a panic attack on a Saturday evening just because the doctor has no idea of prescription law requirements. It would be immoral to send such a person away on a mission to track down the prescriber who would probably write it incorrectly again (let’s face it), when they are obviously sick, and we obviously know what should be supplied. Sometimes the prescriber may not be contactable for a period of days.
I find it very stressful to know that after a days’ work , I may have broken the law a number of times just to provide care for vulnerable people, and I may be open to prosecution as a result.
No one should be subjected to this sort of psychological stress in the workplace and it borders on abuse, in my opinion.
To criminalise us for doing the decent thing and clearly carrying out the wishes of the doctor is close to a breach of our human rights.
The regulator has lost all sight of what a prescription is supposed to be. It started out historically as a written instruction from the doctor letting us know what they wanted supplied.
What we have ended up with is a bureaucratic nightmare.
This nonsense has to stop. ”

It says it all.


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