Versatis Patches

As nearly all pharmacists are aware by now the PCRS/HSE won’t pay for Versatis patches on any of the schemes unless the GP jumps through hoops and follows this with a backwards flip.  And this is only for the patients with shingles.  Heaven help if they might need it for any other condition.

Well a colleague of mine posted this afternoon about one of their patients.  They had been presented with a hospital prescription for Versatis for a DPS patient who had shingles.  They checked with the hospital doctor who said that they had tried to get approval on the PCRS website/portal but could not do so.  A phone call to the PCRS confirmed that only the patient’s GP could get approval.  So now a patient sick with shingles has to make an appointment to visit their GP (and presumably pay for it) so that they may get a vital pain killing medicine.  I say may as there is still no guarantee that the PCRS/HSE will approve it.


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May the force be with you. A walk on the dark side.

There’s a wonderful article by Richard Collis in this month’s IPU Review.  I would love it if the IPU would make a pdf of it available and I could post it here.  (Or maybe they might post a copy on line themselves.)  He writes about his experiences on the PSI Council and the dysfunctional attitudes that seem to hold court there.  Things like despite the Corbally judgement the reluctance to use mediation because they want to be seen to be tough.  No regard to costs.

I am impressed by one of the closing statements.  “One final reflection: could it be that the culture of control among the Executive also reflects a lack of confidence in their ability to sustain their own views in a more open and combative forum?”

If you have a copy of this months Review I would recommend reading and studying it.  If not, get a copy.  It vital to all of our professional futures that we understand what is going on in Fenian St.