Versatis Patches

As nearly all pharmacists are aware by now the PCRS/HSE won’t pay for Versatis patches on any of the schemes unless the GP jumps through hoops and follows this with a backwards flip.  And this is only for the patients with shingles.  Heaven help if they might need it for any other condition.

Well a colleague of mine posted this afternoon about one of their patients.  They had been presented with a hospital prescription for Versatis for a DPS patient who had shingles.  They checked with the hospital doctor who said that they had tried to get approval on the PCRS website/portal but could not do so.  A phone call to the PCRS confirmed that only the patient’s GP could get approval.  So now a patient sick with shingles has to make an appointment to visit their GP (and presumably pay for it) so that they may get a vital pain killing medicine.  I say may as there is still no guarantee that the PCRS/HSE will approve it.


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