A Question For The PSI

There is still no mention on the PSI’s website about Garda vetting despite it being a requirement to practice as a pharmacist.  So I decided to email them and ask why they decided not to become involved.  Here is the email that I sent.

I note that from 1st May it is a requirement that all pharmacists and qualified assistants in a patient facing role will needed to be Garda vetted. I would like to know why the PSI has chosen not to involve itself in this process given that other regulatory bodies such as the Teaching Council have taken this task upon themselves. http://www.teachingcouncil.ie/en/Vetting/

Surely overseeing Garda vetting for pharmacists and qualified assistants falls within the PSI’s role to protect the public. It would also ease the administrative burden on individuals who now require vetting every time that they change jobs and an inordinate burden on locums who now require vetting for each pharmacy that they provide cover for. Given that there is now a difficulty in obtaining locums particularly at short notice is there not now a case to be made for the PSI to become the authorised administrative body for vetting pharmacists and qualified assistants meaning that each individual would only need to be vetted once.

It would also reduce the administrative burden on the Garda’s vetting office as presently they have to duplicate the process for a large number of individuals.

I’ll keep you update when i get any reply.


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