Time for New Balls

We are used to fighting our battles with the PSI, the PCRS and the HSE.  But if what I hear today is true we can now add the IPU to the list.  Just like the Grand Old Duke of York they have marched their men to the top of the hill and now they are marching down again.

Reports suggest that the PCRS have threatened to stop collecting the IPUs GMS levy from 1st January next if the IPU does not agree to re-engage in the Pharmacy Interface Project.  And what’s the reaction?  The IPU rolls over and plays dead faster than a politician after a free lunch.

We all knew that it was going to be messy when we pulled out but to surrender without a shot being fired makes me wonder what sort of people we have in Butterfield House.  In my view decisions like this should be taken by the membership as a whole.  Surely the IPU could put some other method of collecting the levy in place.

We put the first chip down when we withdrew from the project.  The PCRS has now just upped the ante.  They want this badly and I don’t think that we should give it to them on the cheap.  If we give up on this we can forget of having any real negotiations  with the PCRS EVER again. They will know that we have cojones for a fight and just implement whatever diktat they like.

I think maybe the Officers and the Executive should ask themselves “did we get this wrong?” or “maybe the members might want something different.”  It’s time for them to come out and state publicly to the members did they agree to roll over and face their wrath.  And if they think that members aren’t angry over this then it is time for them to step down.