Times For Things Traditional

It’s that time of year again.  Time to start doing traditional things.  Putting up the tree, boiling the ham, getting pissed on eggnog. But there is one more thing which is traditional to pharmacy, the PCRS High Tech Stock Take.  The sheets should be coming out soon.  In keeping with tradition we will all gather in our pharmacies at midnight on the 31st December and count the High Tech stocks on our shelves and in our fridges. 

It is here that I will break with tradition.  Instead of inputting it on to the PCRS website I am going to put the paper sheets into the infamous yellow bag and let the PCRS do the work for themselves.  There is nothing in our contract that states that we have to enter it on the web site.  In fact there is an even older tradition whereby the PCRS did their own bloody work.  If they want me or my staff to do their work then they can bloody well pay me. 

If you are like me then the start of the month is one of your busiest times.  The start of a new year and the clean up after Christmas even more so.  The last thing you want is for yourself or one of your staff tied up on you PC doing the PCRS’s work for them.  

So let 2019 be the start of a new tradition for yourself.  Nothing for nothing!  If the PCRS want us to do anything on their behalf then they should pay us.  If they are unsure how much to pay us then sit down with the IPU and talk to them in a respectful and meaningful manner.  Now how much use the IPU will be to us is the subject of an entirely different post.

Have a cool yule folks and have a prosperous 2019 if possible.