Eugene Renehan MPSI

Dear Pharmacy Colleagues

I would like to introduce myself to you as I am running as a candidate in the upcoming PSI council elections.

I am a practicing community pharmacist who graduated from TCD in 2005. I completed my Pre-Reg In Bhagwans Pharmacy, Ballinteer and started my career in Meaghers Pharmacy in 2007. I became Supervising pharmacist in 2010 and Superintendent pharmacist in 2016.

Educating pharmacy students and developing the profession of pharmacy is a special interest of mine. As a tutor pharmacist since 2010 I have overseen the successful progress of over 50 interns through the National Pharmacy Intern Programme (NPIP). Alongside my community pharmacist role I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Practice of Pharmacy in TCD helping develop the communication and conflict resolution skills in the future graduates.

I have substantial committee experience having in the past advised RCSI with the NPIP and sat on the steering group for the Irish Institute Of Pharmacy. I am currently a Strategic Advisory Board member for the School Of Pharmacy TCD. I am also a sitting member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the PSI.

Over the past 12 years I have worked through the dramatic changes to our profession and livelihoods including The Pharmacy Act , FEMPI and the resulting strikes , Reference Pricing and more recently the implications of FMD. I have a wealth of experience in community practice and understand the implications the Pharmacy Act has had on our day to day practice as we work to deliver excellent pharmacy care and services to our patients. I have been excited to be an advocate for the expanding role of the community pharmacist through the delivery of pharmacy vaccination and Emergency Hormonal Contraception services.

Since 2017 I have been a member of the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. During that time I have become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the hospital pharmacist in the safe delivery of pharmaceutical care and the impact this has on patient outcomes. I understand the challenges facing hospital pharmacists while working as part of the multidisciplinary team and at the interface between hospital and community pharmacy.

I would appreciate your vote to strengthen the representation of pharmacists in patient-facing roles. If elected I will act in the best interest of the patients and the public to ensure that professional developments and evolutions of the role of the pharmacist are robust and well-reasoned. As a superintendent I am very aware of the legal and professional responsibilities we have as patient facing pharmacists. Drawing on all this experience I feel I would be a worthy representative of our profession on the council.

Ballots will be circulated by post in the coming days to your registered address and need to be returned to the PSI before April 17th. Please use your vote and I would really appreciate your first preference.

Yours Sincerely

Eugene Renehan MPSI

FMD Me Arse!

I finally got FMD working in the pharmacy. Well sorta. I have to unplug the scanner so that I can log in. But hey it’s better than the variety of error messages that I have been getting.

So there was 9 totes with this afternoons orders. Guess how many products had the new 2D barcode. Six! And of that six how many could be verified? Two!

So far this didn’t take up too much time but when 9 totes of stock have to be scanned god knows how much time it is going to take. And time is money. And guess who is going to be stuck with the added expense.

Dr Sabine Eggers

Dr Sabine Eggers, Pharmacist- seeking a place on the PSI council

Before coming to practice as a community pharmacist in Ireland in 1998, I already had rich and varied experience in the fields of academia and industrial pharmacy most notably:


  • 1988: BSc. (Pharm) Department of Pharmacy at Hamburg University, Germany
  • 1993: PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (with summa cum laude) 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Food Biotechnology Centre, UCC Cork and at Cornell University, Upstate NY; she published several research papers.


  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM) fir Aventis in Germany
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer for Rowex Ltd. in Bantry, Ireland

I have an abiding interest in the use of vitamins and food supplements in maintaining good health and wellbeing and has lectured on the subject in Ireland, Germany and the Middle East on behalf of Sona Nutrition, Dublin since 1998 and for Pharma Nord since 2017.

To further add to my extensive work experience, I have also practiced community pharmacy in Germany and the UK. 

Should I be elected to PSI Council, I would like to bring the wealth of experience that I have in order to advocate for community pharmacy in the following areas:

  • Using my experience gained in regulatory affairs, to streamline regulatory compliance by SIP and SVPs to reduce the sense of regulatory burden.
  • Supporting the introduction of systems to help reduce the occurrence and severity of dispensing errors. For example, a standardised dispensary layout (following the BNF categories) would be of benefit in pharmacies frequently using locums and would also help to reduce, “sounds like, looks like” type of errors.”
  • Showing newly qualified pharmacists, how vital our role is as part of a multi-disciplinary health care team, how much we have to offer to both, the public and to our peers and how we can make a difference in patients’ lives.
  • Recognising the benefit of whole team pharmacy training, so that pharmacists feel well supported in their role and the correct infrastructure is in place to deliver top class services to the public AND value for money to the State in the form of Medication Usage Reviews and Minor Ailment Schemes, to name two. By focusing on a whole team (OTC Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists) approach to the provision of pharmacy services, we create the space for community pharmacy to be more effective and efficient at delivering new pharmacy services. This also means that the success or failure of a service provided by a pharmacy is not solely dependent on the pharmacist in charge. “According to the Behaviour and Attitudes study carried out on behalf of the IPU, 98% of pharmacists stated they spent to much time on paperwork, while 78% feel the profession’s role needs to be broadened”.
  • Strengthening the position of pharmacy technicians, whose tremendous skill set is often underutilised.

Those of you, who have met me will realise, that I am a straight talker, ready to have courageous, meaningful conversations with other state holders on our behalf.

It is my belief, that we, the members of the pharmacy team, are under-represented and under-supported.

I want to be your voice on the PSI council, raising your concerns, seeking to achieve discussion outcomes, which will support our work and give us the recognition as valuable, highly educated health care professionals we so deserve.

Please contact me using my email address, if you would like more information on what I plan to do for our profession once elected to the PSI council.

Yours sincerely Sabine

John Madden MPSI

I am contesting the council elections to seek that the majority of registered pharmacists (i.e. employees) are more adequately represented. 

I believe chronic under-investment in staffing and resources to be the single biggest hindrance to implementing good practices and coping with the burden of regulatory compliance.It’s my view that the role of superintendent is widely misunderstood and not taken seriously, and as such their responsibilities are effectively passed on to ordinary pharmacists, be they working in supervising, support, relief or locum roles.I think it’s vital that membership of the of the council (and its committees) is not overly corporate in nature or overly sympathetic to corporate interests, and instead more representative of the majority (>80%) of pharmacists that do not have a stake in pharmacy ownership.
I have close to a decade’s experience, in which I have locumed far and wide, seeing first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of community pharmacy, and developing an understanding of the challenges faced.I am committed to maintaining and raising standards in the profession and if elected to council I will seek that superintendents are more proactive in their managerial and directorial role, and made more accountable.
Pharmacy owners may not be my constituency, but the vast majority of pharmacists are.I hope a sufficient numbers of employees will see this and my message will resonate with them.
Roughly 5 out of every 6 pharmacists have no role in pharmacy ownership.If you are one of them, I am representing your interests.
Anyone with queries regarding my candidacy should get in touch at

PSI Council Elections

As with the last few Council Elections I’m offering all the candidates (and there is a lot of them this time) the opportunity to post around 500 words about themselves here on my blog. This will automatically be linked to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Those that I have contact details for should be hearing from myself soon. As for the rest I will have to do a bit of detective work. If you are one of the candidates and don’t hear from me but would like to post then email me at and enclose a scan or copy of your cert for proof of identity.

Subject to libel, defamation and incitement to hatred I have no intention of editing your pieces. I haven’t had to do it yet and I don’t expect that I will have to do it this time.

Even though they are appointed by the Minister to protect the public it’s vital to have the voice of community pharmacy at the Council table. Change in there can be grindingly slow and a very special sense of humour is needed. I certainly wouldn’t have the patience or energy for it now but I salute and take my hat off to those who do.

Let the hustings begin!