High Tech Stock-take

Like most of you this morning I received the package from the PCRS with details of the proposed High Tech Stock-take for 31st Dec. I have to stress that we have no responsibility, duty or obligation under our GMS contracts to take part in the stock-take. For the last few years as a gesture of good will I have been sending in a paper copy in the yellow bag.

This year following the shenanigans of the HSE/PCRS/Min for Health I will not be completing any High Tech Stock-take. Unless of course they pay me for my time. I reckon that there is one to two hours work involved with this. For that a fee of €250 (plus VAT of course) should cover it. I don’t expect any help from the IPU on this one either.

The High Tech Hub has been a disaster in terms of providing much needed medicines to the sickest in our community. Many consultants don’t cooperate with it, suppliers operate Mon-Fri, 9 to 5 ordering and delivery schedules and getting approval outside of these hours is a logistical nightmare. It’s bad enough in Dublin but if you live beyond the pale and get a discharge prescription on a Friday evening then it sometimes it can be Tuesday evening before you get your vital medicine.

Pharmacists have jumped through hoops too many times to bail out the HSE and look after patients. If the HSE want us to count THEIR stock then they can bloody well pay us to do so.

And don’t get me started on the other joke that is the Hardship Scheme.

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