Time for New Balls

We are used to fighting our battles with the PSI, the PCRS and the HSE.  But if what I hear today is true we can now add the IPU to the list.  Just like the Grand Old Duke of York they have marched their men to the top of the hill and now they are marching down again.

Reports suggest that the PCRS have threatened to stop collecting the IPUs GMS levy from 1st January next if the IPU does not agree to re-engage in the Pharmacy Interface Project.  And what’s the reaction?  The IPU rolls over and plays dead faster than a politician after a free lunch.

We all knew that it was going to be messy when we pulled out but to surrender without a shot being fired makes me wonder what sort of people we have in Butterfield House.  In my view decisions like this should be taken by the membership as a whole.  Surely the IPU could put some other method of collecting the levy in place.

We put the first chip down when we withdrew from the project.  The PCRS has now just upped the ante.  They want this badly and I don’t think that we should give it to them on the cheap.  If we give up on this we can forget of having any real negotiations  with the PCRS EVER again. They will know that we have cojones for a fight and just implement whatever diktat they like.

I think maybe the Officers and the Executive should ask themselves “did we get this wrong?” or “maybe the members might want something different.”  It’s time for them to come out and state publicly to the members did they agree to roll over and face their wrath.  And if they think that members aren’t angry over this then it is time for them to step down.

When is stock returnable to the wholesalers?

We’ve all had the letters from the HSE asking us to return our unused High Tech stock to the wholesalers.  Never mind all the extra paperwork that they want all this comes at a time when all of us are scrambling to sort out stock levels ahead of the price reduction on the back of the HSE/IPHA agreement.  But then as pointed out on another pharmacy forum all of this stock, while still in date has been delivered by the wholesalers more than 10 days ago.  This is the cut off after which we are not allowed to return any stock for credit.  So it seems we have one law for the HSE and one for the rest of us poor suckers.

It’s time for the left hand to start talking to the right hand.  If it’s good enough for the HSE then it’s good enough for the rest of us.  And remember this High Tech stock is not being returned for any magical transformation.  It’s going to be used on other sick patients.

So I say let’s not return any of the surplus High Techs until we can also return our regular surplus stock.  And let’s get paid for what we do.  If the HSE want us to spend time digging up old paperwork on these then they should bloody well pay us for our time.  If they want to know how much to pay me then they should sit down with the IPU.  That’s who I pay to represent me in these matters.

The Book

Now available from your local pharmacy wholesaler. i.e. that means Uniphar & United Drug folks.

THE BOOK, a Pharmacy Business Management textbook by Michael Tierney. Currently it has been nominated for the Booker, Turner and Nobel Prize for Literature.

OK so I made the last bit up, but it got your attention.

Most importantly…..

30 euros goes to the Benevolent fund which helps pharmacists and their families who have hit hard times.

20 euros goes to the Jack Kavanagh fund. Jack Kavanagh is the son of a pharmacist and is a pharmacy student. He broke his neck in an accident and wants to complete his pharmacy studies. This is one way of helping to raise the funds to help Jack.

This is the first Irish Pharmacy management handbook since Fionan Harty wrote “The Efficient Pharmacy” in 1980.

The “Pharmacy Business Management textbook” has everything you need to make your pharmacy business more profitable.The book is written in understandable English and is divided into 15 chapters.

Understanding the Pharmacy set-up.
Understanding employment law.
Job descriptions.

Measurement and Benchmarking.(KPIs)
Basic Book-keeping.
Cash Flow.

Purchasing in the pharmacy.
Selling in the pharmacy.
Pharmacy expenses.

Legal and regulatory.
and more.

There is something for every pharmacist in this book particularly the owner pharmacist or manager pharmacist.The book will be extremely useful to newly qualified pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians and to pharmacy spouses who have an interest in pharmacy survival.

The book is retailing for €50.

The fifty euros can also be claimed as an expense.
So you will be helping 2 charities.
You will be helping yourself by improving your business acumen.
You can claim the book as an expense.

The printing of the book has been sponsored by TEVA pharmaceuticals.
The book is written by Michael himself and he is not receiving any payment whatsoever for this book.
His motive for writing the book is simply to improve business efficiency in Irish pharmacies.
He has been a community pharmacist for well over 30 years. He has a diploma in pharmacy management. He is on the VAT committee of the IPU. He is on the business steering group of the IPU and he is on the CPC committee of the IPU. In addition he is a recent member of Indepharm.

They are printing 2,000 copies of this book and I’m sure that he would appreciate all the help that he can get in supporting the sale of this book.
He would also appreciate any constructive suggestions for the next edition.

IPU’s DVD of Panel Discussion

I have just finished watching the DVD of the panel discussion that was held on Sunday 8th May at the IPU’s AGM. It was riveting stuff. I really wanted to be there for it but my accident with my motorbike the previous week meant that I was unable to travel.

Hopefully it marks the end of the lowest point in relations between pharmacists and the HSE/PCRS. It certainly looks as if the PCRS have targets to keep but now are at least willing to talk to the IPU to find the best way through.

The latest bad news is all the pharmacies in examination or liquidation. They are being kept open at present by creditors but the pharmacist owners are being left high and dry. It looks like that the sale of these pharmacies will facilitate the chains who can now buy these cheap. And without the loan overhead they can run them at a profit. Another hob nailed boot screwed in the face of independent pharmacy.